Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessings

This has been an emotional week for me, and I am incredibly thankful of many things.

Earlier this month, my family welcomed a child born to my cousin Becky near Boston. We are planning a 2012 summer family reunion, and it will be wonderful to meet the new member of the Eilers Clan!

A few days later came the news that we lost my uncle and Godfather Craig near Dubuque, Iowa to a heart attack. He leaves behind 4-year old daughter Hannah, who he adopted from Guatamala. An accident several years ago left Craig paraplegic, yet he still lived with graciousness and pride, strong and determined to live a life full of meaning. He taught me to be a Green Bay Packers fan and even took me to a game at Lambeau Field in 2009. He has been a wonderful supporter of me through my endeavors, coming to Kansas City to watch me cheer, attending graduations, and always checking in on my relationships. He even asked me to be in his wedding and to be his daughter's Godmother. His brother and seven sisters are celebrating his life now and truly understanding the impact he had on them.

This sequence of events reminds me that as good things come in one's life, you must often sacrifice to make room for God's blessings. That is the circle of life. We all must allow mother nature to move us forward to experience what lies ahead.

During this past year, I've been very blessed. Craig once told me he thought I had no time to cherish my blessings. I was bombarded with success and sacrificing my sleep to reach my goals, which to me, was no big deal! But he was right. I recently vowed to "stop and smell the roses" more often, to have a lazy Sunday, to carve out time for myself and my loved ones. And that is truly what Thanksgiving is all about.

I wish everyone time this week with your family and loved ones, whether it be in person or by phone. Say thank you not just today, but every day. Let others know they are special and that you are proud of them. Take time to let your blessings sink in - the gift of life, of education, work, love and so much more. If times are hard, keep pushing forward and believe in the circle of life and happiness. Your best day is yet to come.

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