Sunday, August 28, 2011

Move Your Body with Ms. United States Laura Eilers

Ms. United States 2011 performing as a
St. Louis Rams Cheerleader.
Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers is touring the country teaching everyone how to "Move Your Body" - the dance routine created by Beyonce supporting the "Let's Move" campaign for a healthier America. 

As a certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, 6-year NFL Cheerleader, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders semifinalist, and arena football's "Lady Raiders Dance Team" coordinator and choreographer, YOUR Ms. United States Laura Eilers will get everyone on their feet with this simple and fun dance routine! Contact Ms. United States with your date request, event and location. Other presentation options are available targeting women, teens and girls. 

Get Moving with Ms. United States!

Ms United States Laura Eilers is a certified personal
trainer and fitness/dance instructor.
About the “Let’s Move” Platform:
Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers is proud to endorse “Let’s Move,” the campaign initiated by First Lady Michele Obama, encouraging 60 minutes of daily activity and healthy nutrition according to the newly revised “My Plate” food diagram. Laura offers a variety of interactive presentations and online contests for men, women and children of all ages.

Ms. United States Presentation Options
  • Having cheered 6 years in the NFL for 2 teams,
    Laura is recognized for her contributions to the industry of
    professional cheerleading and dance.
    Target: All Ages. Time needed: 20-40 minutes. Learn the “Let’s Move Your Body” dance created by Beyonce. This is an easy, fun dance that children and adults can learn in minutes! 
  • Target: Women and Girls. Time needed: 60-90 minutes. Get moving during a “Diva Boot Camp” including rhinestone hula hoops, jump ropes, and cones. Discussion will include nutrition and health. 
  • Target: Girls. Time needed: 90-120 minutes, or can be facilitated through online participation. Hold a “Miss Fit” pageant. Female contestants ages 5-13 are recognized for their commitment to healthy choices and have the chance to earn fun prizes including a “Miss Fit” banner and crown. 
  • Target: Women. Time needed: 20-40 minutes. Facilitate the influential presentation entitled “Let’s Move – Shape your body, mind and future.” A successful entrepreneur, Laura discusses how her transformation to a healthy body and attitude allowed her career and personal life to flourish. 

Ms. United States endorses "Let's Move" - the
White House's campaign for a healthier America.
Invite Ms. United States to your event!  
  • Email Ms. United States
  • Include the following information:
    - Date(s), Time(s)  and Location

    - Description of event and/or website
    - Accommodations if more than 100 miles outside of Richmond, Virginia

About Ms. United States Laura Eilers:
Laura Eilers (Richmond, Va.) is a certified personal trainer with a bachelor of arts in Public Communication. She is recognized nationally for her contribution to the cheer, dance and fitness industry. After working for Universal Dance Association as a high school camp instructor, Laura cheered for the Kansas City Chiefs and the St. Louis Rams, visiting seven countries to entertain the U.S. military. Laura was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders semifinalist and appeared on CMT’s “Making the Team.” Laura created Going Pro Entertainment, a nationwide agency comprised of pro cheer alumni, offering events, private coaching, choreography and other services. Laura has developed fitness and nutrition programming for Club KidFit St. Louis, i9 Cheerleading, J’adore Fit, Miss Virginia United States Pageant and more. During her reign, Laura will present at the national Health, Physical Education, and Recreation Directors Conference in Washington, DC, the NFL Cheerleaders Alumni Reunion in Las Vegas, throw the first pitch at a Kansas City Royals Baseball Game, emcee game day for Richmond Raiders arena football, and participate in multiple children’s and women’s fitness events. 
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Friday, August 26, 2011

United States Titleholders Appear in TV Commercial

Earlier in August, the Miss United States 2011 titleholders traveled to Charlottesville, Virginia to appear in the Spring Street Boutique fall TV commercial! Check it out!

Behind the Scenes at the United States Pageant! Day Three

Slowly but surely, I'll think back on our days in Las Vegas leading up to the United States Pageant! Here is day three...

See Day One   See Day Two 

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Photographer Joe Pier
6:00am It's swimwear photo shoot day! I wake up and workout. This is right outside of the area near the pool where the Junior Teens are beginning their photographs. I spot pretty Jr Teen Shania Weaver, she is a knock out!

9:00am I'm photo ready! Before leaving Virginia, Lucinda from Face Value Salon in Charlottesville helped me prepare my hair, and Gigi Curtin, my Mary Kay rep in Richmond, helped with my makeup color and skincare. I feel like a million bucks! My choice is a red Venus swimsuit. I love the cut of the suit! I join the other Ms. candidates near the pool and wait for our photos. Photographer Joe Pier and his assistant Eduardo are great!

10:00am Off to rehearsal again. Today we are learning the preliminary opening number to Lady Gaga's "I Was Born This Way." The Ms. delegates will be in preliminaries with the Teen delegates. We then have a whole new Parade of Gowns to learn. It's amazing the work that goes into these productions!

12:00pm Fuddrucker's salad, thank you very much!

1:00pm Back to rehearsal. Dancing, walking. smiling, need I say more?

Miss, Teen and Ms. Virginia in Las Vegas
5:30pm Free night!! Miss Virginia Ashley Smith and I rest a while, then join Miss Teen Virginia Ashley Greenfield to hit the big town of Las Vegas. We get several cheers for "Virginia!" as we walk past casinos and theatres on Las Vegas Boulevard. We take some time for photos with our favorite Vegas show girls. Our stops also include Caesar's Palace and the fountains outside the Bellagio.

8:30pm Dinner at Bill's Casino on the Strip. I give it a 4.5 out of 10. Sorry, Bill. 

9:30pm Time to head home sweet home to the Orleans. When we get there, the band is rockin in the lobby, so we stop and dance a bit to "Sweet Home Alabama!"

Off to bed ... tomorrow we meet a famous actress from one of my favorite childhood films, and you'll get the inside scoop on Miss United States's favorite ringtone and odd sleeping habits. Nothing is off the record here! Until then....

CHEERS! ~ Laura