Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ms. United States Ranks #15 Most Buzzworthy NFL Cheerleader of 2011

Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers poses
with other NFL cheer alumni at the annual reunion.
This month Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers has been ranked in the year's top 40 stories of NFL cheerleading.

Reported on The Bleacher Report by Washington, DC-based featured columnist Amber Lee  on December 8, 2011, the article to date has received over 95,000 reads. The Bleacher Report is the U.S. 4th largest sports media site with 20 million monthly readers.

At #15 is Ms. United States Laura Eilers, shown in her swimsuit at the national competition on July 14 in Las Vegas. Eilers was a Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleader for five years and a St. Louis Rams Cheerleader for one year. She was a semifinalist for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and was shown on CMT's Making the Team in 2008. Eilers enjoys staying involved in professional cheerleading as the National Sales Manager for Angela King Designs, the creator of costuming for NBA and NFL cheerleading squads. She is also the founder and director of Going Pro Entertainment, a network of alumni professional cheerleaders providing services to the industry such as consulting, choreography and talent castings. Eilers will appear this weekend at the Midwest Pro Dance Convention in Kansas City and in February at the DC Pro Dance Convention.

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