Monday, April 2, 2012

Ms. United States Says Farewell in Home State of Virginia

On April 1, 2012, Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers crowned a 2012 state titleholder, Khia Moon of Portsmouth, Virginia. Laura will continue to represent the United States through early July. The national pageant will be held in Washington, D.C. on July 8, 2012. 
"Sofia Vergara said 'I've lived a life full of things I never thought I could achieve. It takes effort and sacrifice, but why not risk trying to be better?' 
Being a titleholder is just that - achievement, effort, sacrifice, risk, and the opportunity to be a better woman and to build a better America. One year ago, at the age of 31, I thought I had accomplished quite a few amazing things. I had been an NFL cheerleader for two teams. I started a company working in an industry I love. I had traveled to eight countries to support the United States military. I was content with love, friendship, and family. Then along came Chris Wilmer, and before I knew it, I entered my very first pageant and was crowned the 2011 Ms. Virginia United States.

When I first walked the stage as Ms. Virginia United States, I knew the title would provide a platform for positive influence, one that I embraced while representing the "Let's Move" organization. I knew that I had been given a true honor to represent a state of distinguished history. I knew that I would be challenged to stand, pose, speak and dress my very best for the next year. I knew I would visit many cities, shake hands with governors and senators, and stand alongside other pageant queens. What I did not yet understand was that I was not walking alone. The "Virginia Queens" family - Chris, Ashley Squared, Shania, Jeff, Chantel, Steve, Lucinda, Kyle, and Alice - to name a few - made the experience unforgettable. And being crowned Ms. United States in Las Vegas was most blissful because I shared the moment with my sister queens and this new family.

As I walk my final steps as Ms. Virginia United States, my crown symbolizes that achievement has no expiration date. I wish the very best to the 2012 titleholders and humbly thank you for the opportunity to represent this great state."

Congratulations to the new state titleholders in Virginia! Learn more on Facebook. Learn more about the Miss United States organization on their website.

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