Monday, July 25, 2011

On the Road: Dubuque, Iowa

With my Grandmother in her hometown of Dubuque, Iowa
I knew that post-pageant time was the perfect opportunity to visit family and friends in the Midwest. I just don't get to see them often enough! They were incredibly supportive during my journey to the national title. I couldn't be more blessed with loving parents, family, friends and my boyfriend.

Dubuque is very special to me because I spent nearly every summer there visiting my grandparents. There is just something family-oriented and calming about people in Iowa. I believe that even though I've relocated to the east coast, my Midwestern roots are incredibly prevalent. I say hello to strangers. I return phone calls and emails. I'm very laid back and open-minded. And of course, I love those Chiefs, Rams, Royals and Cardinals!

This photo is with my grandmother in Dubuque. I admire my grandmother so much. She is an incredible listener, a great cook, and remembers every birthday - even with nine children and 12 grandchildren. She has a strong will and is always smiling! Love you gramma, and hope to be back soon.

Cheers! - Laura

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  1. Small world. My cousins went to Loras!

    Safe travels!