Sunday, July 31, 2011

Behind the Scenes at the United States Pageant!

Slowly but surely, I'll think back on our days in Las Vegas leading up to the United States Pageant! Here is day one... 

Thursday, July 7, 2011:
5:30am Sleepless night since I packed and moved out of my apartment, I went for a morning jog
7:30am Finished packing my bags for Vegas
9:00am Nail appointment
11:30am Tanning appointment
1:00pm Repacked my bags for Vegas after realizing they were too stuffed. What had to stay home: 8 cans of tuna, can opener and ranch dressing, a Coach purse, hair dryer. What came along: low sodium tortillas, 8 pairs of shoes, a jump rope and resistance band, 3 gowns, gifts for my fellow Ms delegates, my laptop, 7lbs of jewelry, and more (obviously - see photo to the right).
3:00pm Boarded plane to Las Vegas!
5:30pm Ran into my sister queen Ashley Greenfield, Miss Teen Virginia United States, and her family in the Atlanta airport
7:00pm Gained 3 hours and landed in Las Vegas! Took a limo to the Orleans Hotel, where we met Miss Virginia United States Ashley Smith, my roommate for the trip!
8:30pm Dinner with the Virginia Queens at TGI Fridays inside the hotel
10:00pm Unpacked
11:00pm Realized we had forgotten a few things, walked to CVS on Tropicana Avenue. Came home with nothing.
12:00am Ironed clothes for the next morning's orientation, off to bed!

Stay tuned for day two ... which includes a morning run to the Palms Hotel, introduction to the 2010 Ms United States Tristan Topps, my first Fuddruckers salad, and bowling in an evening gown.

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