Thursday, August 4, 2011

Lunch Visit from Kendra of New Contours

I am a member of an outstanding Richmond organization called Network of Enterprising Women. Today was our monthly luncheon, something I always enjoy!! As an independent business owner, it's so motivating to be surrounded by other positive, enthusiastic entrepreneurs. I truly believe that you must surround yourself with good people, and this group has introduced me to countless women I hope to emulate in my personal and professional relationships.

One gift that I can give to those who have been so generous to me in sponsoring my journey to the Ms. United States pageant is referrals. Today I brought to lunch a new friend, Kendra Sheets, of New Contours in Fredericksburg, Va. Kendra contributed body contouring services to me to prepare for the pageant, especially the swimwear.

What!?! Laura, you did WHAT!?! Body contouring is simply incredible. It's a non-invasive procedure that breaks up the body's fat cells and stimulates reduction. I went through a series of four painless treatments to my thighs, rear end, and obliques. Now, this procedure is NOT a miracle maker. It is only effective when paired with a healthy diet and exercise. Basically, body contouring is like shaking your salad dressing before pouring it out of the bottle. This allows your fat cells to "wake up" and react the best way possible to the other healthy choices you are making. And the procedures are permanent, unlike other "beauty procedures" like Botox or Latisse.

Now, that's just my description. Kendra can describe it much better. She was so welcoming and encouraging, I always looked forward to my treatments with her, and now I have a new friend! If you are doing all the right things and wondering why you aren't seeing optimum results, please give her a call at 540-372-2049 or visit

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