Monday, August 22, 2011

National Titleholder Photo Shoot with Michael Vonal

With Miss Teen United States Ashley Greenfield 

Ms. United States 2011 Laura Eilers
Yesterday was a whirlwind and I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Mr. Michael Vonal and his team of stylists.

Here are some photos from behind the scenes and the final official Ms. United States headshot!

At 32 years old, it was a little odd photographing alongside the teen titleholder. Not only is she nearly 6 feet tall and blonde, but she's all of 18 years old. Don't we all remember being that age? I certainly didn't look like Ashley Greenfield! I hope she understands that the world is in her hands!

Miss Teen United States Ashley Greenfield,
Miss United States Ashley Smith, and
Ms. United States Laura Eilers

During the shoot, there were a couple of instances that I scoffed at my image wearing dark lipstick. "I think it ages me," I said. Wow... how the photos turned out is breathtaking and humbling! The beauty of my title as Ms. United States, is that I represent the true woman, established in her career, confident, fit, healthy, and vibrant. Red lipstick is the natural choice for a woman fitting this description.

I think it's beautiful the way the final national titleholder photo captures the generation of each of our titles, showing you that age is only a number. Beauty and grace at every age is to be appreciated! Love you girls!

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